2SAN Gyro Scrubber Drier (I-Mop Alternative)

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Multi-cleaning system made from recycled plastic with a stainless steel platform. Small, compact, and strong. New control panel with intuitive buttons and adjustable suction power.

An innovative machine for deep cleaning any kind of floor. Not only a scrubber drier but a complete and multi-purpose system. Working in full autonomy due to the lithum-ion power technology this machine has a working capacity from 60 minute and 90 minute thanks to the “Eco mode” that allows the user to reduce the vacuum power of 33%, keeping an excellent suction capacity.


Working capacity:(square meter per hours) 500
 B = Battery B 36 VOLT / 13 ah
Brush size:
 nb x mm 2/203
Brush motor: 
rpm 145/175/210
Specific brush pressure:
 (gr/cm2) gr/cm 40
Vac water column:
 (mm h2o) 900 mmh 20
Clear water tank capacity:
 3 lt
Dirty water tank capacity:
 5 lt
Battery capacity: 
(60 to 90 minutes) 1h