2SAN(Craftex) Foamex- Foamex FRV 30

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This machine is designed to clean different types of surfaces in food processing areas such as: supermarkets, food factories, industrial kitchens.  The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:
  • 1. Spraying of chemical solution on the surface/s
  • 2. Chemical action
  • 3. Rinsing with clean water
  • 4. Vacuuming of residual liquid from floor
Dense foam sprayed onto surfaces allows for optimum chemical cleaning and sanitizing action. Rinsing quickly removes the foam
and dirt residuals. Rinsing at a controlled pressure avoids any splash-back onto the user or other surfaces, and prevents the creation of a haze of water vapours, which would keep microorganisms in suspension before allowing them to fall on the surfaces after cleaning. Residual liquid is then vacuumed away leaving the environments completely dry after cleaning operations.
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 30 litres
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 30 litres
  • Vacuum Motor: 1000W 2 Stage x 1 | 2200mm H20 | 50L/sec (max)
  • Pump: By pass type | 28 bar (400psi) (max) | 2.5L/min (max)
  • Compressor: 350W
  • Chemical Dilution: Pre-set around 4%
  • Cable Length: 10 metres
  • Vacuum Hose Length: 7.5 metres
  • Solution Hose Length: 10 metres
  • Construction Material: Expanded polyethylene
  • Machine Weight: 74kg
  • Machine Size: 380 x 800 x 1050mm

Note: 2-3 week lead time on this equipment/machine with high possibility of faster delivery.