2SAN(Craftex) M/C Accessories- Carpex Smart-Kit

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This unique patented Smart-Kit allows chemical products to be dosed 'in-line'. Instead of adding chemical product to the solution tank of the machine, it is dosed 'in-line' after the water has passed through the water pump.

The Smart-Kit has a container holder (5L) and includes a 10 metre hose with adjustable nozzle spray lance. This system brings many amazing benefits. Firstly, the pre-spray products can be applied using your Smart-Kit, thus eliminating the use of pump-up sprayers. Low foam shampoos no longer have to pass through the water pump, giving greater life expectancy to the pump and reducing problems incurred from scale build up.

In addition, rinse agents can be dispensed without the hassle of draining the solution tank of 'in-use' chemical first. Can be mounted to the Carpex 50:300, 70:300, 50:500 and 70:500 machines and comes as standard on the 70:300HP, 50:500B and 70:700.