2SAN(Craftex) Pads - White Floor Pad 17"

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For finishing and polishing floors. Suited to machines operating at 175 to 350rpm. Pad can be used on both sides with no loss of efficiency.

This 17" White Floor Pad is ideal for finishing and polishing floors and is suited to machines operating at 175 to 350rpm. The open structure of the pad ensures the most efficient abrasive action is applied, and the design offers the ultimate balance between wear resistance and ease of re-use after appropriate washing. The virgin polyester fibre construction is durable and pliable, making it an indispensable product for professional floor cleaners. The 85mm centre hole punch-out ensures easy attachment of the pad to the floor machine, and the pad can be used on both sides with no loss of efficiency. The special mix of resins and abrasive grains deeply impregnated into the fibre guarantees quality performance both in wet and dry use. Virgin polyester fibres are free from contaminates and therefore help to create a hard wearing, durable and pliable floor pad. Heavy denier fibres assure strong tensile quality and continuous contact with the floor surface and the pad will hug uneven floors and cushion the machine in use.