2SAN(Craftex) Scrubex- Scrubex 300:1300B

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The Scrubex 300:1300B is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large areas.

This battery powered unit is equipped with a brush head made of four disk brushes, with adjustable pressure of up to 180kg, and a cylindrical, self-adjusting central brush, that collects small solid debris into a hopper.

The combined scrubbing and sweeping system ensures higher quality cleaning, across the entire 1300mm working width. The scrubbing brush head extends out to the right, to reach the dirt that settles up against walls or underneath shelving.


  • Solution Tank Capacity: 300L
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 360L
  • Vacuum Motor: 2100mbar | 2 x 36V
  • Brush: 4 x disk (345mm) & 1 x cyl. (300 x 1106mm)
  • Squeegee Width: 1486mm
  • Scrubbing Path: 1300mm
  • Machine Weight: 840kg (exc. batteries)
  • Dimensions: 2355 x 1807 x 1486mm
  • Batteries: 36V
  • Performance: 7800m2/hour
  • Working Time: 5 hours

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