2SAN(Craftex) Scrubex- Scrubex 70:560

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Due to it’s very compact dimensions, the Scrubex 70:560 ride on scrubbing machine is able to replace a traditional walk behind scrubbing machine in maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 3000m2.

The reduced dimensions and the driving wheel of this model give the needed manoeuvrability to perform in small spaces, meaning the user has the compactness of a walk behind machine but with the speed and user-friendliness of a ride on unit.


  • Solution Tank Capacity: 65L
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 75L
  • Vacuum Motor: 70mbar | 24V
  • Brush: 560mm / 160rpm
  • Squeegee Width: 705mm
  • Scrubbing Path: 560mm
  • Machine Weight: 110kg (exc. batteries)
  • Dimensions: 1265 x 1030 x 600mm
  • Batteries: 12V
  • Performance: 3080m2/hour
  • Run time: 3 hours

Note: 2-3 week lead time on this equipment/machine with high possibility of faster delivery.