2SAN(Craftex) Scrubex- Scrubex Evo 90:850 Combi

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The Scrubex Evo 90:850 Combi is a large sized ride on wash-and-dry sweeper. Differing from other machines in its category, this model uses 50% less water and therefore 50% less detergent, than other sweeper-scrubbers. Even on the tightest curves and without the aid of lateral wipers, there is no waste or excess cleaning fluid.

The fluid distributed is always in contact with the sweeperscrubber unit, ensuring optimal use. Extensive container capacity allows for large quantities of debris to be collected. Dust extraction filters are not required since the action of the sweeping unit is preceded by jets of water and/or detergent.

The sweeping/cleaning unit and the wiper are raised off the ground, preventing damage occurring due to floor obstacles, ruts or depressions. This also means it isn’t necessary to disassemble either the brushes or the wiper even when loading the machine on to trucks.


  • Solution Tank Capacity: 90L
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 90L
  • Brush: 900rpm | ø300mm | Adjustable pressure
  • Squeegee Width: 870mm
  • Scrubbing Path: 850mm
  • Construction Material: High density polyethylene
  • Machine Weight: 675kg
  • Machine Size: 1400 x 780 x 1300mm
  • Batteries: 24V
  • Total Power: 1940W
  • Run Time: 3h30m
  • Performance: 3250m2/hr

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