2SAN(Craftex) Wands- Glidex Plus Titanium Wand

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Made from the highest quality components, the Glidex Plus Titanium Wand is our top of the range wand. The wand has a single piece titanium tube construction with a swan neck style for ease of use.

Super-light weight, only 4kg, doesn't limit the performance of the tool in any way; the 300mm (12") wide head containing 4 stainless steel jets (015/80) with a filter before the valve ensure the ultimate cleaning of carpets. Rated up to 56 bar (800psi) (max) pressure, the Glidex Plus Titanium Wand has a heat resistant, insulated sleeve/hand grip and an adjustable manifold.

Fitted with Teflon Glides which bring a range of benefits including:-

  • Reduced user fatigue as the wand glides easily over the surface and the increased surface area keeps the wand from hindering momentum. The glide works smoothly and easily in any direction you push it, in addition to providing excellent drying and soil extraction.
  • Drier, cleaner surfaces as the distinct features of the Teflon glide allow it to ride on the top of the floor surface and not lock down onto the surface causing loss of airflow.
  • Reduced streaking as with a glide in place the jet spray skims the glide just above the floor / glide interface and a sheeting action takes place, dispersing the spray evenly with no streaking or distortion.

Replacement glides available separately, product code: 3916.