2SAN(Craftex) Windex- Stingray 450 Kit

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The Stingray 450 is up to 25% faster than traditional spray/cloth methods of window cleaning, and enables up to 39% less consumption of liquid.

It is ideal for indoor glass, doors, table-tops, windows and mirrors, and because of its no-drip/no-run formula, is suitable for use at high-traffic times of the day.

It offers professional results even for operators with minimal training and/or experience. Other features include an integrated, enclosed solution spraying system, so wastage, spillage and chemical inhalation are minimised.

It delivers precise doses from an incorporated, refillable at the touch of a button via its battery-powered pump. The head is triangle-designed for optimal angular access and has a 3D hinge that is robust and fully flexible. Extends to a reach of 4500mm.

Kit includes:

• 1 x Stingray Handheld Unit

• 1 x Stingray Refillable Bottle

• 2 x Stingray Microfibre TriPad

• 3 x Easy-Click Pole (extends up to 3300mm)

• 1 x Easy-Click Pole (extends up to 1000mm)

• 1 x Carry Bag