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  • pH: 7.6
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An effective, user friendly, ready-to-use, water based, HSE (No:9067) approved insecticide for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces.
For Professional and Amateur use.
Simply spray on and leave to dry naturally, the insecticide is ideal treatment for eradication of infestations and control of all crawling and flying insects including fleas.
Ready-to-use and suitable for the treatment of infestations in all porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, carpets, upholstery and roof voids.
Bio Productions Insecticide remains active after application for at least 14 days, eradicating insects emerging from eggs.
Not suitable for use on grain, or in grain stores or for treating clothing.
Do not contaminate foodstuffs, eating utensils or food contact surfaces.
Use Insecticides (or Pesticides) safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.
Space applications, apply 4ml per m2
Surface treatment apply 20ml per m2.
ANTS: Hard outer coating (exoskeleton or cuticle). It functions as armour, an attachment base for internal muscles and prevents water loss. 3 main parts: head, thorax and abdomen.
BED BUG: A reddish brown colour, purple after feeding, exposed human skin is prime target. Up to 1/4 in in length and oval shaped.
CARPET BEETLE: <1/4 inch long. Larvae are about the size of an adult beetle. Have dense tufts of bristles on their bodies.
CASE BEARING MOTH: Up to 1cm long, mottled buff to dark brown in colour with reddish brown headed white larvae or caterpillars.
CAT FLEA: Treat pets with the necessary registered treatment. Measure about 1/6inch in length and laterally flattened.
CLUSTER FLY: Slightly larger than common house fly. Abdomen has irregular light and dark grey areas.
CONFUSED FLOUR BEETLE: Severe pests in mills and bakeries, also found in grain & nuts tainting food & causing mould growth
DOG FLEA: Treat pets with the necessary registered treatment. Measure about 1/6inch in length and laterally flattened.
FRUIT FLIES: About 3mm long & accumulate around spoiled fruit.
GERMAN COCKROACH: Adults normally reach 10-15mm long and yellow/brown with two dark marks on the pronotum.
GRAIN WEEVILS: serious pest in grain and other hard cereal products tainting your products and encouraging mould growth
HOUSEFLY: Laying between 500-900 eggs during an adult life and are associated with several diseases i.e. typhoid & dysentery
INDIAN MEAL MOTH: larvae cause the most problems: chewing through packaging and binding food stuffs together
MILL MOTH: main pest within flour mills but can also be found in bakeries and animal feed plants
ORIENTAL COCKROACH: same control methods can be used as German Cockroach
SILVERFISH: wingless, flay insects with long antennae on the front and bristles at the rear of a tapered body. 1/2 inch long.
TICKS: body is composed of two sections. Usually found in heavily grassed areas
TROPICAL WAREHOUSE MOTH: found in imported cargo, infestations also reported in cereal manufacturing plants.