Combat Clean Battle Ship Heavy Duty Extraction Detergent 5L

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Embark on the high seas of deep cleaning with Combat Clean’s Battleship Heavy Duty Extraction Detergent. Engineered in the shipyards of cleaning warfare, this naval powerhouse cuts through the waves of entrenched dirt and grime, ensuring your carpets are not just cleaned, but commandeered back to pristine condition.


Key Features:

  • Naval Power Cleaning: With the force of a battleship, this detergent relentlessly targets and neutralises resilient dirt and grime, restoring the carpet to its former glory.
  • Tactical Extraction: Maximises the firepower of extraction equipment, ensuring dirt and contaminants are pulled from the very depths of the carpet fibres.
  • Broad Spectrum Engagement: Tailored to operate efficiently across various carpet terrains, from home frontlines to commercial battlefields.
  • Quick Assault Formula: Designed for rapid engagement and fast-acting results, ensuring time is of the essence.


Deployment Instructions:

  • Fleet Prep: Shake well before every deep cleaning sortie.
  • Naval Command: Mix 10 ml per 1 Litre  water as per label instructions and load into solution tank.
  • Deep Sea Assault: Proceed with extraction, ensuring the Battleship Detergent navigates the full depth of carpet fibres.


Safety Protocols:

  • Dock Storage: Secure in a safe harbour away from unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
  • Navigational Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • In case of maritime mishaps (contact), launch immediate rescue operations (rinse thoroughly) and signal the medical fleet (seek medical attention).


After Action Report:

Armed with Combat Clean’s Battleship Heavy Duty Extraction Detergent, you’re not just cleaning; you’re launching a full naval assault against the adversaries of dirt and grime. Command your carpet’s cleanliness, sail through the toughest stains, and hoist the flag of cleaning victory.

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