Combat Clean Bubble Buster Anti Foaming Agent 5L

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Bubble Buster

Engage on the frontlines against unruly foam with Combat Clean’s Tactical Bubble Buster Anti-Foaming Agent. Developed in the trenches of cleaning warfare, this elite agent operates deep behind foamy lines, efficiently suppressing and neutralising foam insurgencies, ensuring a clear and unobstructed battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Operation Foam Elimination: Deploy the Bubble Buster for immediate foam suppression, establishing a clear path for cleaning operations.
  • Extended Battle Endurance: Formulated for prolonged engagements, ensuring your cleaning campaigns remain uninterrupted by persistent foaming adversaries.
  • Multi-Surface Operations: Whether it’s industrial machinery, pools, or wastewater treatments, Tactical Bubble Buster stands ready for deployment, ensuring optimal performance across all terrains.
  • Swift Countermeasure: Engineered for rapid foam neutralisation, making sure that foam threats are dealt with efficiently.

Deployment Instructions:

  • Recon Phase: Shake well before every operation
  • Recon Phase: Mix 20ml Per 10 Litres of recovery tank capacity
  • Combat Ready: Deploy neat direct to the heart of the foam insurgency, ensuring quick neutralisation.
  • Hold The Line: Adjust deployment as per the intensity of foam threats.

Safety Protocols:

  • Armoury Storage: Secure in a location away from unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
  • Protect Visual Outposts: Prevent direct contact with eyes.
  • In case of breaches (contact), initiate immediate cleanse protocols (rinse thoroughly) and call in the medics (seek medical attention).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Tactical Bubble Buster Anti-Foaming Agent, you’re not just tackling foam; you’re launching a strategic strike for smooth, foam-free operations. Stand firm, maintain clear operations, and mark another mission accomplished.


PH 7.5
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