Combat Clean Cherry Bomb – Odour Clear 5L

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Cherry Bomb

Enter the battleground of odours with Combat Clean’s Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear . Engineered for those demanding the best in odour elimination, this powerful agent takes no prisoners, declaring war on unpleasant smells and ensuring your environment remains operationally fresh.

Key Features:

Operation Cherry Burst: Deploy a powerful burst of cherry aroma that neutralises enemy odours, establishing a zone of dominance.
Extended Field Duration: Built for endurance, its long-lasting formula ensures your base remains secured from foul fragrances for extended missions.
All-Terrain Formula: Whether it’s the barracks, home, or office, our Tactical Cherry Bomb deodoriser guarantees a refreshing experience designed to eliminate not mask odours
Rapid Assault on Odours: Strategically formulated for swift action, ensuring odours are neutralised on contact.

Deployment Instructions:

Recon: Shake well before use.
Engage As Deodoriser : Mix 20ml Per Litre of water in solution tank
Engage As After Spray : Mix 150ml Per Litre of water, spray a light mist over area
Maintain Perimeter: Avoid direct spray on food, comrades, or foliage.

Safety Protocols:

Store away from unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
Avoid direct contact with visual sensors (eyes).
In case of contact, initiate immediate evacuation (rinse) with abundant water and call for medevac (seek medical advice).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear, you’re not just neutralising odours; you’re launching a full-scale offensive for freshness. Reinforce your environment, reclaim your space, and report back with victory!



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