Combat Clean Oxy Bomb Urine Treatment & Oxy Booster 5L

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 Oxy Bomb

Enter the fray against the stubborn insurgents of stains with Combat Clean’s Tactical OXY Bomb Carpet Commando. Strategically formulated at the nexus of cleaning warfare, this elite operative penetrates deep behind enemy lines, neutralising urine offences and illuminating the terrain with brighter, revitalised carpets.

Key Features:

  • Operation Urine Annihilation: Deploy the OXY Bomb for immediate and effective neutralisation of entrenched urine agents, restoring honour to your floor’s battleground.
  • Carpet Illumination Protocol: Beyond  eliminating threats, it revives and brightens your carpet, bringing forth its original glory and colour.
  • All-Terrain Engagement: Perfectly suited for various carpet landscapes, ensuring universal battlefield efficacy.
  • Quick Strike Formula: Designed for rapid engagement, ensuring urine threats and dullness are addressed with precision and speed.

Deployment Instructions:

  • Pre-Operation: Shake well before every carpet engagement, test at recommended strength
  • Ground Zero: Urine treatment  Mix 1 Litre of water Per 1Litre of Oxy Bomb, extract with water
  • Defend and Brighten: Oxy Booster add neat to your pre-spray then proceed with regular cleaning operations for optimal brightness.

Safety Protocols:

  • Secure Arsenal: Store in a location inaccessible to unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
  • Shield Visual Sensors: Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • In case of breaches (contact), initiate immediate cleanse operations (rinse thoroughly) and summon the medical brigade (seek medical attention).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Tactical OXY Bomb Carpet Commando, you’re not just responding to stains; you’re launching a pre-emptive strike for a pristine, radiant carpet battlefield. Mobilise your cleaning arsenal, brighten the front, and reclaim territory with unmatched vigour.


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