NIMBUS 25ft (7.62m) Vacuum & Solution Hose Assembly 1.5" 38mm

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Product Code: NBHOSEASSLY2

25ft 1.5" Anti-Crush Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose
  • 38mm (1.5″) diameter, heavy duty truckmount/portable carpet extraction hose, available in 7.62m (25ft) length
  • The hose is two profile with a flat profile exterior strip designed to close when put in a shallow bend permitting the hose to move easily around corners
  • The material used in the exterior strip has a hard finish making it both durable and resistant to the acceptance of dirt and debris
  • The inner profile is designed to maximize flexibility and the square shape of the profile results in a smooth interior for improved airflow
  • Chemical resistance to carpet cleaning chemicals is excellent.
  • Operating temperature typical: 0 degrees “C” ( 32 F  ) to 48 degrees “C” ( 120 F )
  • Swivel hose cuffs for better movement with wand and handtools 

25ft Steel Wire Reinforced Solution Hose Black

  • Internal synthetic rubber, extruded whole without joints, of uniform thickness.
  • Anti-Rub fabric sleeve to protect from leaving marks
  • Anti-Bleeding; Tested thoroughly for bleeding and colour loss
  • Reinforced with 2 high tensile steel wire braids
  • Covered with anti-abrasive synthetic rubber, resistant to oils, fuels and atmospheric conditions
  • For use with water, carpet cleaning chemicals etc.
  • Operating temps from -40C to +135C

You can choose which fittings you have on each end.

These come with 8x premium Velcro straps with a metal loops for more durability and fitted as a complete hose assembly.